La Merced Elemtary

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message


It is important for home and school to work together to build strong character in our children.  When it comes to character building, the family is the key.   It is very important to form a loving and supportive circle around the child, providing loving guidance and defining for their child, both by what they say and how they live, standards of good conduct.

Schools have a strong supportive role to play in character building.  We must not only help children become literate and well informed, we must also help them develop the capacity to be responsible and demonstrate good problem solving skills. 

When children are on their own we want them to demonstrate universal character traits in their daily lives, such as:

Responsibility                       honesty                                 initiative

Kindness                              respect                                  cooperation

Perseverance                      cooperation                            tolerance

At La Merced Elementary, we select a different character trait to recognize each month during Student of the Month.  As a staff we have also identified three expectations to recognize and reinforce in our students on a daily basis:  Respect, Responsibility and Safety.   Students are given Bear Pride Tickets whenever they demonstrate positive behavior that align to these expectations. 

To help our children learn about character traits, it is important that we, as adults, identify for our children the behaviors that we expect, through both teaching and modeling.  Building character is something that the home and school must do together.  Character enables children to be successful in life.